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    Bootymats PRO Extra Padded. Maximum comfort and convenience: Fitness, Pilates, Pelvic Floor, Stretching...

    Ideal for the work and exercise of strengthening of glutes by its extra padding and little things recovery of impacts and movement. Provides extra comfort in your workouts in the support of knees, elbows, hands, back or buttocks. It also becomes the mat ideal for pregnant women, work of pelvic floor exercises and Kegel exercises..

    Bootymats mats include an elastic carry strap for carrying it comfortably over your shoulder.

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      Produced in Europe

      Our mats are 100% made in Spain and manufactured entirely on our premises using only the best components to provide a professional product that is as high-quality and long-lasting as possible.

      Tecnology & innovation

      Bootymats mats boast technology and innovation as they are made up of air micro-cells, which provide great flexibility, comfort and high levels of recovery.

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