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  • YOGA BASICS Cork Air

    Amateur yoga mat made with recycled cork with a large surface for practicing yoga. Made in Spain.

    Bootymats Basics Cork Edition Yoga mats are made of high-quality EVA with recycled cork inserts, as a result we get a Sustainable product that makes the most of the leftovers from our production and respects the Environment.


    Includes strap eco-cotton mat holder to carry comfortably on the shoulder.


    • Surface: 190 x 65 cm
    • Thickness: 4.5mm.
    • Weight: 400g
    • Non-toxic.
    • Waterproof
    • Sustainable and respectful with the environment.



    • More info about Bootymats...

      The manufacturing of our ecological cork mats has been made in an efficient and respectful way with the environment, either in the selection of raw materials with 100% recycled cork as in the production processes applied.


      The result is on of the most natural mat on the market, and as a contribution to its biodegradability, it is completely free of phthalates or plasticizers, heavy metals, PUC and contaminants agents.

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